How We Help

At the First Nations Centre of Excellence for Economic Development (FNCOE), we are committed to providing comprehensive support for First Nations communities across British Columbia.

We aim to empower Indigenous peoples towards achieving economic self-determination and prosperity through a variety of initiatives and services, including:

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Supporting First Nations International Trade Relations

FNCOE supports building relationships to host, attend, and negotiate trade missions that showcase First Nations companies.

Access to global markets and fostering international relationships are key for First Nations to create wealth and establish global connections. We aim to position First Nations businesses and entrepreneurs as valued partners internationally, highlighting the unique materials and products from our territories for the benefit of all involved.

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Knowledge Sharing and Best Practices

We assist First Nations communities in making informed decisions and pursuing economic opportunities by filling data gaps and providing access to essential resources.

FNCOE acts as a platform for knowledge sharing and collaboration among First Nations communities, businesses, government agencies, and other stakeholders. Through forums, conferences, and networking events, we enable the exchange of best practices, innovations, and success stories, fostering an ecosystem of support and learning. This collaborative environment aids in capacity building, equipping First Nations with the skills, knowledge, and tools needed for success in today’s economy.

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Communications and Promotions

We aim to highlight Indigenous success stories, from community projects to achievements showcased at conferences and in the news, to inspire and connect communities with similar goals.

By promoting the innovation and resilience of First Nations businesses and entrepreneurs, FNCOE enhances awareness and appreciation of Indigenous economic development. We celebrate and honour First Nations’ achievements, ensuring future generations have opportunities both within and beyond reserves.

Service Delivery to First Nation Companies

FNCOE is committed to advocating for and servicing the economic interests of First Nations. Our team offers resources for guidance and support to First Nations businesses, assisting in priority setting, creating objectives, and overcoming challenges.

Services may also encompass creating a First Nations business directory, fostering partnerships between First Nations companies and markets, and developing branding for services and products. Recognizing the diverse and nuanced economic needs of First Nations, FNCOE is dedicated to meeting these needs and building capacity for ongoing work in BC and, potentially, at a national level in the future.