About Us

The First Nations Centre of Excellence for Economic Development (FNCOE) is a ground-breaking initiative aimed at filling critical gaps in services and connections for First Nations’ economic development throughout British Columbia.

Our Mission

Created by the British Columbia Assembly of First Nations (BCAFN), FNCOE is dedicated to promoting economic equity, and improving access to trade relations, communication channels, knowledge, and business opportunities for First Nations communities.

Our ultimate goal is to empower Indigenous communities throughout British Columbia, promoting their business ventures and enabling their meaningful contribution to the economic well-being of their communities.

Our Work

We strive to dismantle the barriers created by colonialism and to foster a space where Indigenous peoples can come together, share resources, and prosper collectively. Recognizing our interconnectedness across territories, we believe that by supporting one another, we uplift all — including the land, our communities, and our right to self-determination in business and beyond.

FNCOE is committed to supporting collaboration between First Nations rights holders, Crown agencies, and partners, aiming to advance economic self-determination for First Nations communities. Our efforts are guided by the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, with a special focus on Articles 3, 5, 20:1, and 21:1, which champion the right to self-determination and economic participation without discrimination.

Our Future

As FNCOE expands, our focus is on creating global market opportunities for First Nations businesses. We aim to showcase their unique value across various sectors, enhancing their market presence. This approach not only promotes economic diversity but also fosters cultural exchange and mutual respect both locally and internationally.

We invite you to join us on this transformative journey toward economic prosperity and cultural revitalization for Indigenous peoples. Let’s lift each other up.

Our Team

Our staff is at the heart of everything we do at FNCOE. Their dedication and skills are what make our mission of a better economic future for First Nations in BC, and eventually all of Canada, possible.

Harlan Schilling
Harlan SchillingChief Executive Officer
Harlan Schilling, hailing from Lower Post, BC, has dedicated his career to serving the Daylu Dena community, initially as a councillor and currently as Deputy Chief. He previously served as a combat engineer in the Canadian Armed Forces for seven years. BCAFN has appointed Harlan as the CEO of FNCOE, recognizing his considerable experience and dedication to fostering economic development and healing within the Daylu Dene community. Harlan’s leadership is guided by a commitment to economic equity and culturally informed economic development, aiming to achieve meaningful economic reconciliation in BC.
Katie Robertson
Katie RobertsonDirector of Strategy and Operations
Katie Robertson serves the FNCOE team as the Director of Strategy and Operations. She oversees strategic planning, communications, and operations. With a strong commitment to equitable engagement and impactful community projects, Katie brings a wealth of experience in community development. Her prior role at the Daylu Dena Council in Northern BC saw her leading community development initiatives, project management, strategic planning, securing funding, and supporting leadership in reaching short and long-terms goals. In her current role, she ensures the smooth and effective implementation of FNCOE’s mission, guiding the organization towards its strategic goals.
Gordon Campbell
Gordon CampbellChief Financial Officer
Gordon Campbell is a Chartered Accountant with a degree in Political Science and a focus on Community Economic Development. For nearly three decades, he has been part of the Yukon’s landscape, firstly as a Chef and Restaurateur, and then later immersing himself in Yukon First Nation communities. Gordon was previously a Director of Finance, CEO of a Yukon First Nations Development Corporation and later an Executive Director of the Kwanlin Dün Cultural Centre in Whitehorse. Beyond his community work, Gordon’s interests took him on a world journey, living, travelling, and working across diverse cultures. These experiences enriched his understanding of community sustainability, inspiring him to infuse his ventures with a deep sense of cultural appreciation and social responsibility.
Marc Storms
Marc StormsPolicy Analyst
Marc Storms has spent the last 30 years working with Indigenous people, organizations and communities, predominantly in Indigenous Relations, negotiations, engagement and facilitation. Having worked with First Nation communities from Vancouver Island to the far north of BC, he founded his first company (Good Medicine Group Consulting) 21 years ago and continues consulting for Industry, Government, business and Indigenous companies and Nations. Marc brings his extensive experience and ability to assemble Indigenous Economic Development Projects and develop strategic business partnerships. Marc is a trained Harvard Negotiator certified to engage in complex negotiations and uses his experience and expertise in developing relationship-based partnerships in his work to build capacity and foster economic reconciliation.